Rock N Roll Radio came into the rock scene in 2013 with their great Shut Up And Dance debut album. Over the years, the band has released EPs, singles, and participated on compilation albums. I actually got a little worried that a second full length wasn’t going to happen and then they released, You’ve Never Had It So Good.

you've never had it so good

I considered Rock N Roll Radio’s music to be a mixture of British rock, funk, and indie, but throughout their discography the band has refined and polished their sound to be something pretty unique. As a lot of bands are following the style that Hyukoh made popular, Rock N Roll Radio favor well-crafted melodies supported with simple, but intricate rhythms and great chords. The band is comfortable on taking it easy like on “Without a Word” or going for a new wave-ish, funk sound on “Take Me Home.”

Rock N Roll Radio have always been able to capture different moods and that’s no different on You’ve Never Had It So Good. I think it would be impossible to recreate the band’s signature sound with any different members. The band also brings a little call-back to Shut Up And Dance on “Keep Your Mouth Shut.”

Also I feel that the band has matured with time. While it felt like the band was producing music to show its technical abilities, You’ve Never Had It So Good is a showcase of how comfortable the band is now. Rather than needing to prove anything, the band composed songs that it is proud of while still following the evolution of the band’s style and signature sound.

If you’re looking for groove-heavy and danceable music, Rock N Roll Radio have that covered. When they were new to the Korean music scene, their sound helped them stand out. Now with more years of experience, polishing of their sound, and fine-tuned songwriting, Rock N Roll Radio are one of the best Korean bands still around.

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