I was quick to say yes when our Editor-at-Large tossed the Spotify link my way, finding “Call of Medusa” immediately interesting. LOSSOM’s entire EP is a complex, hypnotic trance dreamscape. The female vocalist in the duo has a rich, deep voice which is somewhat unusual and almost reminiscent of SoYoON! Every track feels perpetually full of motion, multilayered enough that I catch something new going on every time I listen.

lossom dream land

“Willow Dance,” the first track, got stuck in my head for an entire weekend as I was prepping to write this review, and periodically popped into my thoughts throughout this self-isolation period. The repetitive rhythm and lyrics is hypnotic, setting the scene for the other tracks to come.

The next song, “Call of Medusa,” is just as drum-led as the first track, however, it features even more layers of instrumentals and synth. “Step in the Air” features what sounds like wind-chimes right at the beginning, and the rhythm is more fast-paced than in any other song on their EP. This track in particular is the most dancey, definitely something to bob your head along to, featuring electric guitar and a wide variety of synth.

With the next track, LOSSOM takes a turn towards the ballad style. Although still synth-heavy, “Dream Land” has a slower melody overall than any of the other tracks. They also use some reverb and vocal layering in the track, adding to the dreamy quality of song overall. It’s a good song to just close your eyes and let your mind drift away to, which is something I think some of us sorely need right now.

The final track, “Greedy Boys,” rises from silence into another dance rhythm, and at the first chorus the beat drops delightfully. This song seems to take a bit from EDM tracks, and while I’m not usually very involved in the EDM scene there’s enough variety in this track to get me hooked. After the chorus, you’re greeted rather unexpectedly by a guitar riff and fast-paced lyrics.

Overall, LOSSOM’s Dream Land proved them to be versatile in the realm of electronic/trance beats mixed with interesting vocal talents. In February of this year, they released a single, their only track so far in Korean and along a similar melodic vein to tracks like “Step in the Air.” They’re a duo which shows a lot of potential for growth, already sounding complex and polished, and I’ll be looking forward to what the future holds for them.

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