It’s been a little while since I’ve indulged myself with more acoustic indie stylings. Finding Susan was pure luck — with only one EP out, and released just this February, it would seem I just happened to be browsing at the right time.

수잔 susan 0

“Sunset” is a slow, piano-driven ballad with calculatedly breathy vocals. It sounds, as the title suggests, like the end of something beautiful. The English lyrics which are repeated are full of longing, sung in a vulnerably high pitch.

Hold me

Please, hold me

The next track, however, is quite the departure. “We Don’t Laugh” takes a turn for the electronic and ambient, bordering on shoegaze. It’s a track which reminds me, instrumentally, of Aseul, specifically tracks on New Pop (which remains a personal favorite album of mine).

Vocally, if you’re a fan of Neon Bunny, I think you’ll enjoy Susan’s stylings in this particular song. It’s a track meant for easy listening, mellow and dreamy enough to be soothing but constantly giving you something new to notice.

“Forget” builds slowly at first, with ambient sounds for only a few seconds before the piano kicks in and promptly falls silent again. Susan’s vocals come in strong and clear, more soulful this time around. This is what I would classify as a cafe track, with the sounds of bongos, synth drums and what I believe is an instrumental meant to mimic a tambourine.

The track, while more upbeat than the rest of the EP, is careful not to stray from the overall low-key vibe. There’s a glittery city pop edge to the track which I thoroughly enjoy, and allows for Susan to show off more of her vocal range.

The last track on the EP is currently her most played track. “Space n Time” takes yet another turn, featuring a guitar, lingering synth, and reverbed vocals. While more similar to ”Sunset,” it doesn’t really resemble any of the tracks on the EP. It’s slow, but not quite a traditional ballad. It incorporates elements of electronic music and the more acoustic.

What I like most about 0 is that, for its brevity, it shows many angles of Susan. Each track has a completely different style, and it’s a very thorough exploration of musical range for a short first EP. It gives me confidence that Susan has a strong career ahead of her, one that I’ll be sure to keep an eye on.

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