Returning after their impressive 2019 EP, cotoba present their math-rock style again with Name of The Seasons. The EP really feels like a continuation of form of tongue bringing a cohesive tone to the band’s style. I do think that the band brings in more influences into Name of The Seasons to expand the foundation genre and add more unique perspectives.

cotoba name of the seasons

“reyn” is a perfect example of this. The song’s core is math-rock and technical instrumentation. But DyoN Joo‘s vocals add a new melodic line into the song during slow breakdowns. “reyn” comes in two forms on the EP with both Korean and Japanese versions. This is repeated with “summer Daytime” as well effectively presenting a four song EP rather than six. The Japanese language version of “reyn” doesn’t change the instrumental and DyoN Joo presents the Japanese lyrics with the same precision.

I think cotoba’s foundational use of math-rock, but not living in the genre is a great choice. Each instrument is prominent in each song and adds to the tempo and pulse. “summer Daytime” starts as a more customary instrumental until about halfway through when the vocals start and give the song this swing-style rhythm. It’s mainly supported by the bass guitar, but the guitars and drums add the perfect flourishes to the back third of the track.

If you’re looking for strictly instrumental music, “Warm Salad” and “Next movement” have you covered. These tracks allow cotoba to explore their space. At 4:16, “Warm Salad” is the perfect track. The arrangement and composition of the song is the perfect introduction to the band and also the math-rock genre. It’s not as technical as some bands and artists and contains some indie rock signatures that people can attach to.

Essentially closing Name of The Seasons, “Next Movement” is shorter than “Warm Salad” and uses that runtime to create a closing statement. Each verse sounds like it should close out the song, but the repetitive guitar add more flourishes with each beat. From the bridge, the band speeds up and starts getting ready to finish its statement.

I think post-rock, shoegaze, and math-rock genres have some of the best bands in Korea. Unfortunately many have gone silent or in hibernation. cotoba fills that need really well and seeing what the band can do on a full length will be more interesting.

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