So if it wasn’t already abundantly clear, I have a major soft spot for singer-songwriters. And, evidently, producers too — both of which happen to be qualities Jade possesses.

Jade has been releasing singles since 2017, but it wasn’t until July of 2020 that she finally delivered an EP. Although it only has four tracks, it manages to explore a nice range of styles, from synth-heavy to acoustic.

jade violet dreamer

“Youth” is an energetic opener. The sound is immediately full, with multiple layers — from the onset you can hear the subtle synth, the guitar, drums, and even a piano. It’s the only track with a music video, and the visuals serve to enhance the nostalgic vibes the song gives off. Jade’s vocal stylings remind me a bit of Aseul, although her tone is a bit deeper.

The track is upbeat in its instrumentals, and yet Jade’s vocals add an element of longing which is fitting for a song about youth and its fleeting nature. It’s a song with a bright, colorful sound, reflecting its namesake in a fond and beautiful manner.

Moving along, “Wildest Ocean” opens with drums and then delightfully bright synth — the kind that sounds like it’s sparkling. It immediately has a more sunny, summery vibe. The lyrics allude to boldness and the instrumentals certainly serve that purpose, as they’re very different from anything Jade has delivered before.

Many of her singles and even the other tracks on this first EP have a much more acoustic blend, with the synth often operating more in the background than the forefront of the sound. It’s exciting to hear something from Jade, and especially so when it’s something that falls into some of my favorite musical categories.

The third track is “Love and Sincerity,” and it reminds me a bit of wave to earth in a very general sense. It’s more minimalistic and features less synth and more reverb both on the vocals and instrumentals. The drums and guitar lead this one, but there are definitely electronic elements to be found in there if you listen carefully. It’s a song that sounds airy, the perfect kind of track for just letting yourself relax and your mind wander.

The closing track, “My Violet and My Blue,” is sung entirely in English, and Jade sings with what sounds to me like a British accent. It’s hard to say, since there isn’t much of a biography to be found on her, but the accent itself gives the track an even softer sound as well as being a somewhat unique feature. She’s accompanied only by a guitar, keeping the tone gentle and yet uplifting as she sings the chorus,

What else could make me feel

better than being myself?

I will embrace all of my

my violet and my blue.

Jade’s first EP is delightful, in a word. The songs all deal with personal growth, literally and figuratively, and there’s a comforting gentleness in everything she does that you can’t help but smile over while listening. As the summer comes to a close, Violet Dreamer is definitely worth giving a listen, especially if you’ve liked her singles in the past.

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