Luli Lee, formerly Lulileela, has long been a favorite artist of mine, and the release of her new EP has only solidified that fact. Specializing in semi-retro, dreamy synth, Luli Lee brings her A-game to Let Me Dive Into This Moment. In the majority self-written and -produced, the EP lets Luli’s true artistry shine through, showcasing the variety of her talents and her growth as a musician over the years.

luli lee let me dive into this moment

“Dive” is the technical opener, and was previously released as a single in 2019. If you haven’t heard it by now, I’d definitely recommend you give it a listen. It’s a synth track with some fresh city pop elements and sets the stage for the energetic song that follows. 

The first new track, “Live In Sunset,” wastes no time in establishing itself. The synth beat fades in, and by the 10 second mark the percussion instruments have made themselves known. It’s upbeat, but not so much as to detract from the general dreamy atmosphere that Luli’s music creates. She later incorporates some piano and more acoustic sound with filtered vocals before launching back into the lively beat we’ve become familiar with. Overall, “Live In Sunset” is a powerful new song for Luli’s second EP and exemplifies her growth since 2018’s Rise From The Ashes

“Into This Moment” has both immediate instrumentals and vocals. Although the track is more minimalistic, the build-up to the first dropis satisfying. The obvious inclusion of a bass is a reminder of Luli’s roots as a musician, as well as her talents as an artist. 

“Ashby Road” is more drum-heavy and has English lyrics, and she sounds, in a word, incredible. Her vocals are slightly filtered, but that doesn’t detract whatsoever from the beauty of them. Luli’s intonation has always reminded me a bit of Dolores O’Riordan (the late vocalist of The Cranberries).

The whole track has a bit more of a rock sound to it than her usual electronic tracks, which makes it one of the most interesting on the EP. In the description of the MV released on YouTube, Luli offers some insight into the message behind this track (and the others); it’s worth reading through that and the lyrics to fully understand her goal with this EP.  

“The Way I Love You” is guitar-driven and melodic. It’s sweeter than anything I think she’s released in the past, gentle while still utilizing a lot of her signature musical elements. The song works well as a closer, wrapping the EP up neatly and bringing it all together. With this track, Luli has proven her range and capabilities, as it almost has some ballad-like qualities that set it pretty far apart from her other work. 

Honestly, Luli’s second EP is everything I could’ve hoped for from her and more. She brought her all and it shows in the incredible execution of every song. Now more than ever, I’d say she’s an artist to keep your eyes on. 

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