WISUE has seemingly made it a point to drop a new EP every year since 2017, and despite the insanity that 2020 has been she did not disappoint! Released at the perfect time, given its title and general atmosphere, [Flower Shop]: Between Summer and Autumn strikes the balance between her usual soothing style and the more upbeat side of herself she’s given listeners a taste of in previous works. 

wisue Flower Shop Between Summer and Autumn

The EP opens with the track “Clematis,” which serves as a bright opener for the EP. It definitely feels like Summer, with a classically mellow indie rock beginning that evolves into a slightly bombastic chorus. It’s a track that you want to dance along to — or at least nod your head! The instrumental has several layers, many of which are stripped away by the final track; drums, piano, synth, bass, and guitar, just to name a few! Put simply, it’s fun.

Track number two, “Bloom,” has a cutesy beat accompanied by WISUE’s equally sweet vocals. Its melody is overall much softer in tone than “Clematis,” giving it a soothing but upbeat sound. I would say it qualifies as cafe style music, and it’s opening actually reminds me a bit of a recent release by the k-band LUCY, “Jogging,” only less high energy. It’s the type of track that brings a smile to your face even when you aren’t actively listening. One particular part of the instrumental almost sounds like it belongs in a video game, and it really brightens up the track as a whole.

But the next song, “Hello, Here,” is more akin to a ballad, composed primarily of a piano and WISUE’s voice. She has clear vocals and a solid range, making her a suitable candidate for both slow, emotional songs like this and more energetic ones like the first track. To me, this track marks the true shift into Autumn, as things become colder and the nights get longer. I can almost imagine the leaves falling from the trees as I listen to the piano.

The final track, “Fever,” follows in the same vein as the preceding track, except WISUE is now accompanied by an acoustic guitar. It has a sentimental vibe, but I hesitate to call it melancholy. Some of that may be down to WISUE’s voice, which I find a bit too light and sweet sounding to ever really seem sad, but more than anything it just feels like a track to gently wind down the EP.

From what I can gather from the lyrics, the tracks seem to follow a relationship. WISUE sings about her desires to know the other person better, to bloom for them and by getting to know them. Even just listening to the songs themselves, you can hear the excitement and almost flustered nature of the first two tracks before the relationship begins to deepen into something more heavy and emotional in the final two.

The EP is a perfect split between Summer and Autumn sounds, and WISUE released it at just the right time. Whether you’re ready to jump into fall or want to cling to that summer feeling a little longer, WISUE’s [Flower Shop]: Between Summer and Autumn is worth giving a listen.

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