Fromm has been a consistent artist since 2012 with her first single and 2013’s full length Arrival. Over the years, she’s definitely grown and evolved while maintaining a core style foundation. She has explored other influences, but CELLOPHANE is really the defining Fromm experience.

fromm cellophane

Starting with “Citrus Summer Ale,” you get all the standards in Fromm’s style. Her warm and openly melodic vocals. The soothing indie pop instrumentals and very welcoming verses and choruses. I could say that Fromm is playing it safe on “Citrus Summer Ale” because she’s not doing anything different from before, but she’s definitely constructed her audio brand.

“Rescue Me” reminds me of Arrival and Moonbow. It’s simple indie pop rock that really caters to her talents. It’s an upbeat track that uses its mellow tempo to really ensure you, as the listener, don’t get left behind. The pre-chorus verses glide over the melodies and provide a little bit of calm. “Aliens” opens up after “Rescue Me” by adding more background instruments along with the feature by Kim Feel. His voice complements Fromm’s perfectly on the track.

Fromm’s other genre is ballad tracks and “Sunset Panorama” is the perfect example of that. It allows her vocals to really sit and dwell on each beat. Even if the track is composed with samples, she’s able to produce an acoustic feeling and theme around it all. Her voice is a comfortable and never strays. She’s also able to visit other genres like electronic pop-esque songs like on “O2.” It’s mainly pushed by keyboard synths, but the percussion line is using both live and sampled tracks to produce the beat. If she really dived into the genre, she could produce some interesting ideas within the genre.

Fromm’s CELLOPHANE is comfortable. If you’ve heard her older music, this sits within her comfortable releases and genre styles. But for new listeners, you get to a wide sample of the potential places where Fromm can perform. I think that CELLOPHANE is perfect for 2020 because everyone needs some comfort right now and this EP provides it.

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