Timed to his 37th birthday, Simon Dominic’s aptly titled “Party Forever” may have a noticeable ceiling, but does serve up a consistent enough return to form.

simon dominic party forever

After 2019’s No Open Flames, a commercially driven record laden with trap beats, tropical rhythms, and lyrical themes straight out of the generic hip-hop playbook (money, women, fame, and haters), what came next had to be better. The popular, if not tropey stylings throughout that album were at odds with Dominic’s brazenly introspective 2018 LP DARKROOM: roommates only, and a far cry from the often humorous, subtly sarcastic lines heard in his earlier material. Put simply it felt languid, and devoid of the creativity the experienced rapper worked hard to be known for.

It’s a surefire positive, then, that Dominic’s latest single “Party Forever” moves in the right direction. Easygoing at its core, it’s a track which never takes itself too seriously or feels overly ambitious, opting for considered comfort instead.

Central to the three minute runtime is a staccato rhythm guitar melody, one which plods along with a consistent breeze alongside simple percussion, whilst Dominic jocularly discusses being showered with compliments, hating being alone and feeling strangled despite being the “man of the hour.”

The verses are enjoyably affable and good-natured, and the hook, a brighter, more colourful affair courtesy of the louder instrumental mixing and the sleek vocal repetition of the song’s title. The latter aspect may get a little grating at times, but it’s catchy enough to be allowed some leeway.

The highlight comes at the track’s conclusion, with a fast-paced verse which switches the neighbourly facade for a more confident, unblushing declaration on how he doesn’t particularly care for his own party, and would much rather be left alone. It’s a nice contrast to the rest of the effort, even if the animated rhythm guitar instrumental stays the same, and the rippling bassline which the rapper weaves his way around with ease is a consummate touch.

As a whole, “Party Forever” is a solid release from Simon Dominic. Its strong melodic backbone syringes proceedings with spark, with the return of the lyrical idiosyncrasies so synonymous with the AOMG rapper only upping the ante. It does operate on a much smaller-scale than some of the artist’s maximalist efforts, but as far as self-serving birthday releases go, it doesn’t get much better.

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