2020 has been an odd year for many musicians, sparking creativity for some or completely leaving them confused. It has been interesting seeing the influence through the different live performances and releases and today, we’ll look into My Home by Hwang Puha.

Released last November, the EP contains only five tracks and carries within itself a minimalistic theme. Accompanied only by his guitar, a violin, and a double bass, Hwang Puha invites us inside his small world.

hwang puha my home

“Speculator” sets the tone although not spectacularly, but functions well as an appetizer. It’s followed by the infectious “Interior” guided by a feminine voice and Hwang Puha delivering a lively performance.

The ballad “Love Song” is a delicate journey in which the violin truly shines in my opinion, guiding what could have easily been a forgettable song, and instead turns it into something more remarkable.

“Carsickness” feat. Kim Sawol is the only duet in the album and embraces the theme wonderfully. With only the help of two instruments and two beautiful voices, “Carsickness” confirms an irrefutable truth: Kim Sawol is a true gem and works amazingly no matter who she collaborates with.

The EP ends similarly to how it started. With “Transcendence,” Hwang Puha bids us goodbye in the same intimate way he has welcomed us, without any rush and quietly.

My Home has this unique intimate atmosphere, perhaps less vibrant than his previous album Self-portrait 자화상 (2018) yet it’s this difference that intrigues and charms new listeners. 

With his musicians’ help, Hwang Puha offers us a modest piece of work that will make you hum the melodies long after you’ve finished listening.

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