Are you looking for a companion to go through the night? Brand new songs to add to your sleep playlists? You might want to listen to Loi. If nothing is known about the musician, Phenomenon is there to show us a glimpse of his world. With delicate touches of blues and funk in his guitar, the lo-fi-meets-neo-soul EP is the soundtrack to your white nights. Loi offers languid and breathy vocals that set the tone.

loi phenomenon

“To my past / 0221” encapsulates perfectly this idea, using twinkle effects to soften the heavy drum, perhaps to help us slide into a dreamier mindset easily. “Deep Blue” and its funky guitar flirts with lo-fi sounds and a more upbeat melody.

“Don’t waste it.” and “Your Color” all explore love to some extent, but the latter song embraces the dreamy aspect much better. There is just something incredibly touching about “Your Color” that is hard to put into words. Starting similarly to the previous songs, this one blooms into something beautiful and tender, highlighted once again by twinkling effects and echoey vocals.

Phenomenon fits inside the puzzle created by Loi for the first time in 2019 with the EP At The Night, followed a few months later by Agency. Considering all three of those installments open with songs untitled “0221,” it seems apparent that the singer-musician has created his own intricate small world, filled with dreamlike and audacious melodies. 

In a short amount of time, Phenomenon transcends music genres subtly and manages to charm, playing more with the lo-fi sounds contrarily to the previous mini-albums. As enigmatic as the musician is, his EP leaves a lasting impression, an impressive feat considering the length of it.

And if you are not convinced, my only recommendation is to listen to Loi at night, close your eyes and let the magic happen.

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