green dolphin is a brief, collaborative EP between An0, an electronic artist who creates ambient electronic instrumentals, and kimparkjeje, a sentimental indie soloist (combined, they make An0kimparkjeje). Most of kimparkjeje’s work leans towards soft ballads with gentle instrumentals, but his vocal color suits An0’s full-bodied productions. The two previously released a single in 2017, “x,” which complements this more recent project while also demonstrating the maturation of sound found on green dolphin.

An0kimparkjeje green dolphin

The EP works best when listened to in its intended order – in fact, the music video is actually a compilation of found footage over the entirety of the EP, as opposed to just one song, separated by title cards.

“green” is the opening track, and also the shortest on the EP, clocking in at just over a minute and a half. Its simple and repetitive piano riff and claps immediately give it an upbeat, jazzy tone. The vocals come through filtered, sounding almost as though they’re heard from underwater, and accompanying drips and splashes add to the atmosphere.

The second song, “nets,” is just under two minutes. The accompanying footage in the music video contains scenes from a video game, which suits it well, as the track has elements that lean into 8-bit music styles. It has a retro-futuristic atmosphere, but it keeps with that underwater distortion, playing with reverb on kimparkjeje’s vocals as they show videos of fish swimming in a tank. Once again, the sounds are a bit muted overall, but crisp production elements still shine through with synthesized drumbeats and keyboard. 

“soggy” is the third track, and it goes back to the jazzier sounds of the first track but makes it more playful. There seems to be a synthesized horn of some sort, maybe a tuba, as well as drums and a keyboard which sounds a bit like a marimbe. Although the atmosphere is jolly, it isn’t exceptionally upbeat, more of a tune to simply bob along to than one that makes you want to dance. Nonetheless, it ups the atmosphere just the right amount for a song that marks the EP’s halfway point, keeping listeners engaged. 

“wee-ooh wee-ooh” is probably the most fun to me, but it may just be because of the titular lyrics being softly sung as part of the backing track. Once again, it’s more of a nod-along-to fun than dance fun, relaxing, and also uplifting. kimparkjeje keeps his voice exceptionally soft in this track, and they’ve added some kind of effect that muffles him just slightly, adding a sense of mystery and retro vibes.  

“2018” is the closer, with the brightens synth sounds to be found throughout the EP making their entrance relatively quickly. It doesn’t break from the overall mellow sound of the album, but ends things on a bright note. kimparkjeje starts in with pleasant ad-libbing before any actual lyrics, but when he does start singing in earnest his vocals are once again heavily filtered, combining the previous effects to really give it that underwater sound. 

green dolphin further explores the atmospheric jazzy lounge music that An0kimparkjeje established back in 2017 with “x,” maintaining a familiar sound without going stale. If you like this collaboration, I’d highly suggest checking out each artist’s individual discography as they’re both plenty talented in their own right – not to mention it may be a while before they collaborate again! However, if and when that time comes, I’ll be looking forward to hearing what they have to release. 

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