“Dosi,” or “city,” is almost too simple for the opening of the EP. The production has repetitive elements heard before in K-indie, but WISUE succeeds in making the song more interesting. However, it probably won’t be the listeners’ favorite track out of the very short EP.

wisue dear my last summer

Dear my last summer, the eponymous title of the album, is a great ballad about letting go of memories, moving on, and enjoying what you have right now, riddled with musical breaks that are the highlights of the song. With its rock DNA, WISUE manages to incorporate a few elements to make “Dear my last summer” unlike any other song in this album. Chimes, short silences, a great build-up thanks to the drums and the electric guitar in its final moments… It’s surprising to have such a song so early on the tracklist, the pain and reassurance mixing and bleeding together through her sweet voice:

“기억은 여기 이 가슴속에 남을 거야

기억은 사라지지 않고 함께 일 거야

The memory will remain in my heart

The memories won’t disappear, but we’ll be together.”

“Sunny day” is three minutes long and yet feels too short. Along with her loyal guitar chords, WISUE walks along with the beat like it’s an easy walk in the park, her voice soothing and once again delightful as she wonders what to do when the weather is so warm. The ending of the song focuses on another musical break, a free space for the marvelous guitar and drums to give an edge to the song.

“Kyoto” has everything, and it’s only a mild exaggeration. Violins, piano, guitars, and drums. An exceptional mix for a beautiful ballad, and strikingly different from the first one, Dear my last summer. This time, “Kyoto” is filled with almost tangible sadness, as proven by the piano progression and then at 2:17, a fantastic instrumental break, composing the climax of the song. This love letter is gut-wrenching, as the lines are blurred between the real city of Kyoto and someone embodying the memory of it through WISUE’s eyes:

“언젠가 너의 손을 잡고

다시 이곳에 올 수 있을까?

I’ll hold your hand someday

Will I be able to come back here?”

The soft and almost too discreet final song of the EP, “Clock,” is a quiet goodbye to the season that made her doubt and love a bit too much. With time passing by too quickly, Wisue almost whispers her poetic words before letting the acoustic guitar finish the song, a last tender farewell to the summer.

Despite a false start with the opening track, Dear my last summer is a captivating piece of music, with emotions running high and low in a short amount of time and interesting production that keeps surprising the listener. WISUE does not take many risks vocally, unfortunately, opting for a more quiet and soft technique instead. It works particularly well with the last song, “Clock,” but it would be interesting to hear the extent of her abilities in this department in the near future. Nevertheless, Dear my last summer is a nice ode to the summertime and its false lightness and is much welcome now that fall is near.

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