OurR is a group I’ve had my eye on for a while now, ever since their release of “haAakkKKKK!!!” in 2019. Since then, they’ve released two EPs and, just recently, another single album. Beyond the Nights is a brief but explorative double-feature from a promising self-producing band that continues to grow and flourish.

Composed by the band as well as being written by guitarist/vocalist Hong Dahye and produced by guitarist/keyboardist WeGom, the tracks also feature 방요셉 of THORNAPPLE on drums, and recording credits to 박상후 and SURL on the title track’s chorus. 

ourr beyond the nights

As expected, the title track is “Beyond the Nights.” It’s atmospheric, gentle, and warm, with soft vocals and an understated melody. Although by sound alone it’s a very soothing song, the lyrics speak to an underlying anxiety over and resignedness to the night that’s fallen. Dahye, singer and lyricist, confronts her own fears about the night and self-soothes,

“I cover my ears and think of simple words

Blue skies, clouds, frosty snowmen

Just let go of all the dizzy things

and deciding whether tomorrow will come”

By the end of the song, its atmosphere has taken a triumphant, hopeful turn. The music swells behind Dahye’s strong voice, as the reason for her fear of the night is forgotten as the sun rises. In the music video, the two girls feature running, smiling, through the sunshine.

“Pattern” stands in both unity and contrast to “Beyond the Nights,” opting tonally for a more grungy rock edge and huskier vocals. The lyrics are less anxious, although uncertainty remains. The night still seems to loom as an unwelcome departure from the sun. It has an immediate hook, wasting no time in getting listeners invested,

“Shake up the morning

Spill the sunlight gathered

Leave a pattern of the burning sun

sway sway sway sway”

The bombastic, almost chaotic drums are a far departure from the first track, but in being so serve as a testament to OurR’s duality and abilities. Where “Beyond the Nights” had edged into softer indie territory, “Pattern” is quick to swing into a rock-inspired gear which makes it quite the earworm.

OurR always keeps their sound fresh, not allowing themselves to be boxed in by any niche within the indie genre. However, they’re also consistent, never sacrificing substance for style, and treating each project, big or small, with care. Even if past releases weren’t your cup of tea, I’d suggest giving their discography another listen – chances are, you’ll find something you enjoy!

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