Tarin’s Love confession pre-notes is far from her first foray into music, although it is the first I’ve heard from her. As colder weather rolls in, I’ve been looking for more tracks to add to a relaxing fall playlist to listen to while working – and she certainly delivered that for me on this EP.

tarin love confession pre-notes

“I like you so, so much” opens with the sound of either a tape or CD player being opened, loaded, and closed, before a guitar backed by laughing, playing children fills the soundscape. Already establishing a bright atmosphere from the get-go, Tarin’s voice (accompanied by drums and piano) further uplifts the track with light and casual vocals.

When the instruments fall back a bit, peppy snaps and bubbly sound effects take their place. Overall, the track would be great in a cafe setting, perfect for relaxed and easy listening as Tarin sings about realizing she has a crush on someone in her life.

“뜬금없이 널 보면 (Suddenly, when I look at you,)

언제부터 나도 모르게 (Since when did I start…)

잠시 멍을 때리다가 (I was spacing out for a bit)

너와 눈 맞춘 순간 (The moment I made eye contact with you)

어깨에 기대어볼래 (I want to lean on your shoulder)”

The shortest track on the EP, “A love song for you,” is sandwiched right in the middle. With less audio polish than the first track, you really get the sense that Tarin is strumming the acoustic guitar and singing right alongside you. It continues with the same warm atmosphere established in the opener, accompanied by sentimental lyrics sung in Tarin’s light and sweet voice.

“바람이 부는 저녁의 나무 아래 (Under the windy evening tree,)

널 보면 또 자연스레 사랑 노래를 (When I look at you, I naturally sing love songs)

흥얼거려 들리니 (Can you hear me humming?)

나는 너를 사랑하니까 / (Because I love you)”

“Good night” is a pleasant mix of the styles from the previous tracks. Although it has the more acoustic edge of “A love song for you” with the guitar, it’s a bit more upbeat to listen to, with some sort of percussion shaker tossed into the mix. She forgoes some of the sentimental sweetness for playful energy, although it’s still a very calm song overall.

Tarin sings about wanting to be able to say goodnight to the person you like, having them close to you for the evening, and planning everything out perfectly. Her lyrics are a bit cheeky, and the song rounds out the EP on a confident note.

“Good night, 이 말을 (Good night, this phrase,)

너에게 얼마나 하고 싶었는지 (How much I wanted to do to you.)

그냥 이렇게 혼자 말하지 않고 네게 얘길 할래 (I’m not going to talk to myself. I’m going to talk to you)”

All in all, I’d say that Love confession pre-notes perfectly suit the phrase “short and sweet.” Tarin tells one side of the brief beginnings of a love story, encapsulating the feelings of a person realizing their feelings and preparing to lay their heart bare. Just in time for fall, these three tracks would be suitable for rotation in any laidback cafe atmosphere, or even on a playlist for you to relax to.

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