There are some days when I receive unexpected messages and find that a band has read my review of their album. In the case, of Glittering Blackness, Fall; 정재웅 (@GBFgoguma) saw my review through Twitter. Taking a chance, I asked if the band would be interested in answering some questions through email.

Thankfully, they were more than willing. While I sent the questions to Goguma, Yang was the one who was the most proficient in English and helped getting my questions answered.

1. From my exploration of Korean music, the post-rock/math-rock genre is one of the newer types of music being explored. Is that true?

We can’t say that post-rock/math-rock is a newer type of music being explored because there were always post-rock bands and people who listened to that kind of music here. But we can say that there are more people interested in post-rock music now than before in Korea.

2. How did Glittering Blackness, Fall become a band?

We have been friends since each of our bandmates’ bands used the same practice space in 2000. Then, 4 years ago 5 people, Goguma, Jaewook, Yang, Younghoon and Changhyun, started the band first. A year later, our media graphics part (Red Jellyfish) and Haksoo joined us. So, that’s the present make-up of Glittering Blackness,Fall.

3. What influences do you pull from when creating music?

Understanding about each other’s parts while playing as well as each other’s feelings about life.

4. What direction is the music for the band heading?

We think we have our own unique style so we should maintain that style no matter what genre people place our music in.

5. Was there a band before that sparked the Glittering Blackness, Fall’s interest in playing this style?

Lots of music that we have listened to and our own band mates.

6. What should people get from listening to your music?

Depending on situations or emotions at that time while playing, our band mates sometimes feel the same about things, but we also feel or think differently about things. So, we just hope people can interpret our music in their own way.

It’s more important that our music makes people feel or think something of their own than what they think they should feel from our music. Anything people feel from our music is valid and we want it to encourage them to think.

7. From my perspective in the United States, the indie scene in Korea is wide with lots of bands playing different styles. Is everything open to experimentation?

– There are many bands who are trying experimental things but we can’t say everything’s open to that or not.

8. What are the difficulties of being in a band in Korea?

well…nothing much….

9. Is is possible for Korean bands to tour internationally?

It’s not impossible but we all have to consider our jobs, plane tickets and so on.

10. Do you have any desires or wishes for Korean music?

We hope people can enjoy different styles of music, not just pop.

11. Where do you see the independent music industry heading in the next five years?

– There will be more different styles of bands and the indie scene will be bigger. However, we don’t think the independent music industry will be much better nor different than now.

I have to thank Glittering Blackness, Fall for answering my questions. The band’s release Untitled is something special, and should be listened to. Hopefully, we’ll be hearing more from them soon.

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