I knew that Daein, bassist of Apollo 18, went by the name Jelly Boy. What I didn’t know was that he had released a couple of albums under that name. When I listened to the first album, I was blown away partially by the different tone of the album and the great arrangements of each song.

Everyday Trouble is an amazing indie rock album. The 2005 release contains atmospheric melodies and incredible ambient background beats that add multiple layers to each song. Each song feels like it highlights a different theme. Some of the electronica-tinged tracks sound like background for a memorable scene in a movie and others bring a great indie rock tone.

Even at it simpliest, Jelly Boy’s Everyday Trouble is a mixture of sweeping melodies and genres. There isn’t a song that doesn’t contain a feeling of completeness and as the album moves from song to song, there is an arc that feels like it exists.

Listeners really need to prepare for a different album that centers itself on strong core beats and melodies while branching out into different genres. The strength of Everyday Trouble is that the fragments of the songs all have the same interior construction. The fact that the songs can all sound different shows the impressive arrangements for the album.

Everyday Trouble is an album worth buying and listening to.

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