I’ve listened to both of Sentimental Scenery‘s albums before and even talked about one, but the music on his previous albums have always been much more electronica based.

There is Nowhere Else in the World is much different. The starting track “November” relays a feeling of calm and serenity, which is already different from the high tempo, up-beat songs of the previous albums. Adding in strings and other actual instruments gives There is… a much more organic sound.

The differences between this album and his others is striking because he created an album that was amazing.

Obviously “View” is the song that most people are familiar with and could be the best song on the album. It has the most similar theme to his previous songs, but adds a new dimension to what sounds like an amazing auditory landscape.

Other songs on the album also present different themes, but keep the same organic sound. The addition of piano on many of the tracks is impressive and having the live instruments really give the album a wonderful feeling. There is… might have been outside of Sentimental Scenery’s comfort zone, but he really presented an impressive album for the Winter.

I would highly suggest listening to his other albums along side There is… because the differences between the trio really show off his abilities as a producer.

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