From the first song “Little Animal,” I was hooked to Trampauline‘s This Is Why We Are Falling For Each Other. There was something special in the song because the synth instrumentation was different and the vocals were in English. English isn’t uncommon, but the pronunciation was impressive.

I’m not sure how to exactly pinpoint the style of Trampauline. I could consider it electro-pop or electronica. Some songs even have a stronger indie music tone so it’s hard to really describe how the music comes across. The nine songs on the album all contain some of the same elements so expecting a little repetition should be expected.

This Is Why… uses a few consistent elements in the songs, but each song sound different from each other while creating an overall arc in the music. When you start listening to Trampauline, jumping into any song will present the major elements of her songs, so it could be very polarizing.

I think the music is very well orchestrated and her vocals are excellent because they move along with the music without copying the same rhythms that the music plays. Like most electronica, it’s not for everyone, but give Trampauline a listen because it’s not about pumping bass, but interesting melodies.

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