I’ve probably listened to Idiotape‘s 11111101 a hundred times. It’s one of the classic electronic albums from South Korea that people who are exploring the genre need to hear. The combination of Dguru, Zeze, and DR combine two synthesizers and a live drum kit to make some incredibly high energy music.

Somehow all three members are able to combine their talents and instruments to create layered and dense music. It’s perfect for almost any situation, but Idiotape is best appreciated live and seeing the members create these songs live behind huge setups while the drums pushing the tempo.

There’s not a wasted song on the album and the ten songs offer more than enough variety to keep things interesting. The impressive thing about 11111101 is that the versatility that Idiotape has with the tools that they use. Essentially, the songs by the band are just noise – that they make into melodies and hooks. The combination of these noises creates an audio landscape that can’t be ignored.

The Korean electronic genre is big and there are a lot of musicians and bands all playing different types of music. Idiotape is one example of the genre, but one of the best to showcase the talent and ability of producers. If you just started listening to Korean music, Idiotape is a band that you should know. The individual members have solo work as well so you can see how the collaboration create something different from their personal work.

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