When I originally listened to First Cry, I thought the music was a little repetitive. But after recording the band for our In Hongdae: Indie Music in Seoul mini-documentary, I found out that the official recording doesn’t accurately portray the band’s pop and rock sound.

The six songs on the EP contain the core sound of the band, but take away a bit of the “shine” applied to the music and that is more of the actual sound of the band. The mix of First Cry dampens the actual presence of the band and music they play.

The songs are much more addictive when heard live and there’s a better presence of the band. Monkeyz make great music and the energy that they bring to their live shows doesn’t come through all the way.

As Monkeyz grow with their music, they will probably becoming even more impressive. Some of their new songs blow away the EP and it’s going to be exciting to hear their new music. First Cry is a great sampler, but compared to a live show it doesn’t compare.

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