I had the chance to meet Bomb & Tree by chance when I visited Seoul. I didn’t know anything about his music, but he asked me if I would listen to his newest release.

Since I’m always open to listening to different music, I happily agreed. A little while later, he contacted me about the release and I took a listen. Need an Answer is different. It combines somewhat standard indie rock with accompanying synth and electronica, creating a mix of live and added elements together.

The addition of the extra electronica elements is done in a vastly intelligent way, only accenting the music and not taking over the melodies or vocals. I enjoyed how the bridge of “대낮부터 카페에서” used synth to slightly change the direction of song while not changing the entire theme.

My only complaint with Need an Answer is that it’s just four songs. The style of the music is easily expanded into a full-length album and the direction that the music could take is much more open.

Bomb & Tree on Melon.

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