Anna released news that OK Punk! released their mini-album and I got around to listening to it.

Granted, the band is a creation and not a band that I would consider as an original work. But considering the members behind the music, the mini-album isn’t that bad. The cover of “Ugly” isn’t the strongest rendition of the song, but it has the energy behind it.

Moving to other songs, you get the stark impression that the music was made to be as widely digestible as possible. Containing four actual songs and one instrumental, the strongest song on the release is “Not The End.”

That’s not because the song is good, but it contains the most variety among the songs and the most energy. I can’t say the vocals are good, because they’re adequate, but the music is fun to listen to if not taken seriously.

I would like OK Punk! to release an album of originals that showed more power and less commercial appreciation, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

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