I liked StorySeller when they were Bloody Cookie and then lost interest when they released their first EP as StorySeller. Their pop friendly music on their first release betrayed most of the power their first two EPs had.

But XX is a return to power.

I really like XX because it shows that the band has the talent to play really technical and aggressive rock music. It’s a fun album to listen to because they’re not trying to cater to pop fans and are presenting a strong album focused on the music.

Listening through the album, there is a slight feeling of “riot grrl” themes. The vocals are improved and aligns with the music. Rather than have high pitched vocals, StorySeller’s vocals are deeper while still maintaining a melodic presence.

It does pull back on “절대적 착시” with a more melodic presentation in the verse, but going back to an amazing choral chorus. I’m glad that StorySeller returned to the style that they are most capable of and XX shows it off.

With ten songs, it does lose some of the power at the end of the album. Not because of the playing, but the songs are slightly less polished.

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