Unfortunately, Choi JaeHyuk (최재혁) was unable to attend the first show due to illness and Yellow Monsters were unable to play, but Lee YongWon (이용원) and Han JinYoung (한진영) were gracious enough to sit down and talk with me.

Please introduce yourselves:

YongWon: Hi we are Yellow Monsters from Korea. Nice to meet you. I am Lee.

JinYoung: I am Han. Vocal, guitar and bass

How did Yellow Monsters become a band?

JinYoung: Yongwon reached out to me and I reached out to JaeHyuk.

YongWon: Actually we all knew about each other. We had a strong desire to make a new band. Even though we came from different genres. We all came together to make a band.

How do you create your songs? Like between rock and ballads?

JinYoung: With ballads, they’re for women. Our music is usually heavy and aggressive, but we didn’t let go of our female fans.

YongWon: Although our style is “Destruction” and “Riot” we wanted to be loyal to our instincts. Because we grew up in the 80s, we heard a lot of rock, hard rock; instead of playing one way, we wanted to vary out music. We wanted to vary our music with ballads.

What are your thoughts on the Seoulsonic tour?

YongWon: We toured in South Korea and Japan, but this is the first time in the US. For bands, America is the ultimate dream and we think the same way. So we’re very excited to perform in America.

JinYoung: We’d love to meet local bands and stay in touch, so they can play in South Korea and we can share our music.

Any thoughts on an albums for international fans?

YongWon: In June, we’re debuting in Japan. Japan has a huge punk and melo-core scene; because those bands were influenced by American bands, the lyrics tend to be in English. Even though English isn’t their first language, they put a lot of effort to sing in English. Because of that, I believe their punk scene is more welcoming. To appeal to fans, we thought we need to sing in English. We didn’t sing all the songs in English, but a few lead singles are in English. But we still have songs in Korean.

JinYoung: It releases in June.

How are you going to bring energy to your shows during Seoulsonic?

JinYoung: We don’t plan anything special at SXSW, but we’re going to give our best like usual.

YongWon: We don’t give 99%, we always give 100%. It doesn’t matter if we play big or small shows.

JinYoung: We try to play great all the time. Maybe we’ll drink less this time.

Did Galaxy Express give you any advice about SXSW?

YongWon: Because we’re close friends, they didn’t give us any formal advice. They told us stories about SXSW.

JinYoung: They said it was a lot of fun.

YongWon: Actually, they didn’t tell us anything!

JinYoung: Yea, they didn’t tell us anything. Those jackasses.

Anything to say to fans while you’re on tour?

YongWon: We’re Yellow Monsters and it illustrates the meaning of “Asians” to us. We’re glad to be here and we’ll make sure you see our best performances. Hope you enjoy our shows, thank you very much.

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