Please introduce yourselves:

Lee SangHyuk (이상혁): Hi, we are Crying Nut. We are from Korea. We are punk rock band in Korea.

Park YoonSik (박윤식): Hi San Francisco

Lee SangMyun (이상면): Nice to meet you.

Do you have plans for a new album?

YoonSik: After North American tour, we’ll make a new album. Seventh album. We’re gonna make it.

What are your expectations for Seoulsonic 2012?

Han KyungRock (한경록): We’re really excited. Even with a language barrier, because it’s rock and roll; I hope we’re going to have fun and enjoy the tour.

YoonSik: Enjoy yourself.

What do you think of Korean indie music currently?

YoonSik: When we first started, there weren’t a lot of bands. Being in a band for 15 years, We’ve notice more new bands, good venues, and the media recognizing this music scene. So I feel there are a lot more opportunities. Kids who grew up with our music are more talented. I’m glad to see new bands are more experimental with genres and are successful. Like, Galaxy Express has their own style. Chang Kiha and Faces are getting more popular and The Black Skirts are doing really well.

Should I stop? Everyone is good.

SangMyun: Since the “Korean wave” is spreading in the US, I’ve seen Kpop gain a lot of international fans. But I also think Korean rock bands are noteworthy. A lot of Korean bands are as talented. I hope Korean indie music gets more notice, not only in the US, but internationally. I hope that this is one of our opportunities.

YoonSik: If I was forced to choose 3 bands: Yellow Monsters, 3rd Line Butterfly, Crying Nut!

What do you think of international fans who have trouble finding your music?

SangHyuk: We didn’t know we have internationals fans

Me: There’s a lot

SangHyuk: Really?

SangMyun: Everybody, buy on iTunes.

YoonSik: International

SangMyun: Our albums are on iTunes

Kim InSoo (김인수): Or just SNS, Facebook, Twitter, and transfer…

Have you thought about and English language album?

YoonSik: We have 3 songs in English. 3 songs.

InSoo: We have 3 songs translated to English. but, many people…doesn’t like that.

SangMyun: First, we need to study English.

YoonSik: My English sucks!

SangHyuk: English sucks.

Anything to say to fans?

InSoo: Buy some beer for me

YoonSik: We’re Crying Nut! Are you ready to rock and roll?

Support Crying Nut on iTunes with their 2K12 Seoulsonic iMixes.

You can find Yellow Monsters and 3rd Line Butterfly’s 2K12 Seoulsonic iMixes on iTunes too.