Please introduce yourselves:

Nam SangAh (남상아): We’re 3rd Line Butterfly, from Seoul. We’re a band.

Can you describe your music?

SangAh: I guess all the bands are a little different from each other. Well, it’s hard to explain in words. Come here and listen. The songs speak. It’s rock.

Is this your first time in the United States as a band?

Sung KiWan (성기완): As a band, yes. First time, for him and for her.

Are you excited to play in front of international audiences?

KiWan: We are excited, but we’re not nervous. We just play our music.

Was there a reason for recording an English language album?

KiWan: Because she can speak English very well.

SangAh: Well, not very well.

KiWan: That’s the only reason.

SangAh: We have some English songs in every CD we’ve released, and we were talking about releasing an album in English before we were signed to come here. But since we’re coming here, then we decided, yeah let’s make it.

KiWan: And the 4th full-length new album is going to come in June. May, June? It’s basically the Korean album, that we selected four songs from that new album. The lyrics…we changed them?

SangAh: Some songs are in English and some we changed. So the English album came out before the actual fourth album. So this is the first time we’re releasing these songs in English.

Was Ice Cube self-released?

SangAh: It is.

KiWan: We self-released it through an independent distribution company, who helped us. All the songs on our own because we recorded it and he has his own studio. So we recorded it there and he mixed it, he mastered it. Yeah, we did everything. And the cover, she made it.

Is that how a lot of bands release albums now?

SangAh: I guess many bands do that.

KiWan: These days. If it isn’t 2NE1. Yeah, we can do that ourselves.

Is it easier to make an album that way?

KiWan: In some ways, I think it’s easier than with some unknown people. We can do things just on our own. Anything. We can do some very noisy things and nobody blocks us. In some way, it’s easier for expressing ourselves. But in other ways.

SangAh: There’s pros and cons.

KiWan: Especially, there’s no schedule. So…

SangAh: We can be lazy as we want.

KiWan: Delay, delay, delay..

Are you exploring different genres with your 4th album?

KiWan: We’ve been on of the bands who explore new territorial music so we don’t know what we’re going to do, actually. But we always like to try and like to blend all those things together and get the release, to us. I think this is the year of explosion of new music in Korea. Everything is very dynamic in the scene.
Even if there are that many fans and that many capitals, they have; it’s really the moment that new experimental things come out from all over. And they’re ready to mix their own things together. It’s really kind of an exciting moment in Korea and Seoulsonic is an opportunity to share that atmosphere.

Anything to say to people who come watch Seoulsonic?

SangAh: Be happy.

KiWan: Be cool. And come to our show.

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