8wimmingdoll is a shoegaze album that uses the split track formula to create one lingering song. In this way, it’s a masterful use of creating one statement over multiple tracks and takes a lot of talent to orchestrate it effectively.

Swimmingdoll succeeds with ease.

The album focuses on the ambient, surrounding the music with long tones. It also features vocals on the later tracks, but considering the album only has six tracks, it’s not really fair to say it’s lacking in vocals.

It is a bit of a departure in the genre as well to include vocals, when most of the time, the songs are all instrumental.

The simplicity of the album delays the appreciation of the arrangements of the songs. To a casual listener, the album is slow, almost emo; but breaking past that opens an audio world not heard very often.

The album is excellent. Shoegaze may seem simple, but I think it’s one of the most diffcult to perform successfully.

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(source: wakesidevision)

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