Black Bag’s style of rock is a little different from what I would expect with their name. The style that they play is interesting because it uses a lot of smaller polyrhythms to keep the music moving forward.

The six song is definitely a different type of sound than I’ve heard from recent Korean rock bands. Beyond the Sky remind me a lot of the original rock/rap mixture that came in the US in the late 90s, but then I hear a faint Incubus and alternative presence in their music.

It’s a complicated way to describe Black Bag’s music, but there many elements that appear in their songs even with they sound very simple. Black Bag bring a lot of energy in their music and the combination of the styles that they play to create their sounds are impressive.

I just don’t know if Black Bag have a lot of staying power with their style because while there is a lot of talent, the songs do seem to suffer some identity crisis.

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