Daybreak are a band that I’ve heard singles from, but not a full-length. SPACEenSUM is Daybreak’s third full-length album and from the first song “두 개의 심장” the tone of upbeat pop rock is presented. There is a lot of synth additions on this first song along with higher pitched male vocals and a dance-rock style.

As the album continues, the music is very different because there are strange lounge music influences that appear in the songs. SPACEenSUM’s songs are a different mixture of music, creating a slightly unbalanced album. From dance-synth rock and lounge music, Daybreak also play a jazz-ballad song with “오랜만에.”

Other songs on the album are acoustic indie and others are standard indie rock. It sounds like Daybreak couldn’t really decide on one style to really explore and just made an album that reaches out to any kind of genre that fit their instruments.

This exploration is good, but the intense variety makes listening to SPACEenSUM difficult. It’s trying to speak to a lot of different listeners, but doesn’t really decide on what it’s trying to be.

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