Sentimental Scenery is a producer who creates instrumental tracks that are supported by guest vocalists. The music is both a mixture of organic instrumentals and synthetic sounds and could be considered electronica, but the music doesn’t focus on beats and uses melody a lot more.

Harp Song + Sentimentalism is a combination of two singles with additional songs. This actually confused me for a while when I was looking up information on the album. The name accurately describes the release, but since many may not know about the singles that were released, I think it’s alright to say this is his first full-length.

It depends on the track that you listen to, but you will hear different styles among the central themes in the music. It occasionally has tones of jazz and pop, but always has the melody at the center of each song.

The album has thirteen songs and it has a dense sound to it when you finish listening. Ending at about an hour, there is a definite journey when you have finished the album. Even with previous singles, Sentimental Scenery created an excellent presentation of music with his first full-length.

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