Rossy Punky Perfume or RossyPP as I’ve always known her is a mix between pop and indie music. Her first single album is from 2006, but doesn’t have the aged sound that some other musicians can show. The music is light and compares well to the music that’s being released now.

The Demo has elements of indie pop and jazz in the songs and Rossy PP’s voice contains a great flow. Her vocals are melodic and have an ability to flow within the music. The mini-album is short with only seven songs, but there are a lot of different styles of songs within. From indie pop to slightly jazz, there is also a ballad on the album giving Rossy PP time to extend her voice.

Even with The Demo having released in 2006, the age of the release doesn’t show through the music. Rossy PP may not be for everyone because there is a slower theme and tempo in the music.


Not on The Demo, but I couldn’t find any videos from this release
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