If you ever wondered if South Korea has metal/hardcore bands; indeed they do. Vassline is one of those bands. Expect screaming vocals, fast tempos, insane guitar riffs, and a never-ending flow of drumming. Vassline is an amazing band if you like the genre. If you don’t, you should still listen to the band because they are amazing.

The music on Permanence, their third album, is one of the best hardcore albums I’ve ever heard. Made up of 14 songs, it never stops the energy and shows the impressive talent of the band. I know that some people consider metal and hardcore to be a bunch of noise, but the actual playing ability necessary is brutal. I’ve personally tried playing the style and it requires a lot of stamina.

When listening to Vassline, you get everything the genre presents and more. I think that after listening to Vassline, you can’t say that South Korea doesn’t have a band for every genre.

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