Drunken Tiger may be one of the most well known hip-hop groups outside of South Korea. While they were originally a three man group, most recently it is just the work of TigerJK. Sky is the Limit is one of my favorite albums from the group.

It mixes influences from American hip-hop with the types of samples used and beats that were more commonly heard in Korea. It could be the perfect album to introduce new listeners to the genre. The staggering number of tracks also show off the abilities to create songs that have common themes, but different sounds.

Guests like Dok2 and Bizzy add another layer of sophistication to songs. Their different verse delivery mixes with TigerJK’s and introduces a contrasting style to the song. The 2007 release date gives the album a slightly older sound to it. It’s not the same as hip-hop that’s been released in 2011 or 2012, but has a classic feel to the samples and beats.

The song that cements how good Sky is the Limit is “8:45 Heaven.” It’s a slow tempo song that sounds like it presents every line and syllable in an honest manner.

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