I love pop punk that contains high energy and fun. It’s been a long time since I’ve listened to the genre with the last band I really followed being Sugar Donut. Thankfully with Anna’s interview with Riot Kidz, my interest in the genre returned full force.

The Day We Miss is a three song single. The style that the band plays is actually a lost art in my mind. It doesn’t present any extraneous instruments or effects added during mixing, it’s just the band recording and mixing their parts together. The result is a pure presentation of what I love about pop punk.

The single does also have the slight problem that songs can sound repetitive because of how they rely on repeating chords, but there is an honesty in the music. Each song shows a slightly different playing style. “Jamie” is a simple 4/4 song that brings back the style of early Blink182 during their Dammit days. It’s a moderate tempo song that has a perfect Summer song style.

“Tomorrow’s Yesterday” is a bit more dense in sound with the guitars layering over each other. The tempo is a bit faster than “Jamie” but has that problem of repetition on par with the genre. The last song “Mother” is Riot Kidz’ version of a ballad with a guitar intro that plays to create a specific tone for the music. The chorus on “Mother” uses the extended verse chorus so it sounds like the vocals are singing in half-time.

The Day We Miss is an excellent introduction to the band, but I’m looking forward to more music. As an extra bonus, Riot Kidz sing in English making it easier to understand.

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