Exploring Korean indie usually means taking a lot of chances. I wasn’t sure what to expect when listening to A Stroll in the Park. Surprisingly, from the first song “Traveler” I got a similar tone to Glen Check, but with a greater base in indie rock with synthesized accents.

There is a definite kinship in the first couple songs on Soul Park‘s album, but by the third track, “Escape”, the band takes a strong indie rock sound. The music retains all the core sound of guitars, drums, and synth that “Traveler” introduced, but manipulates the tempo to introduce slower songs like “Flow” and “1984” which has a British new wave theme.

Soul Park is like a trifecta of Korean indie that utilizes electronica and synthesizers in their music, rounded out by Glen Check and The Koxx. Each band has their individual qualities and arrange their songs in different ways. I can even hear some similarities to the United States’ The Rentals style of music.

The music that Soul Park have released on A Stroll in the Park is an excellent mix of a core style with great arrangements. There is a definite addictiveness to the music and I’m glad I was able to listen to them.

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