Sometimes I get lucky with new music. Square the Circle actually retweeted Soul Park‘s review on the site and I was curious to know who the band was and why they had retweeted.

Slow Starter is their single containing 3 songs. While I normally find it difficult to review short releases, their song “Bitchquito” had me hooked. Square the Circle play straightforward rock music. It’s fast tempos and non-stop energy. While I’ve said that about a few other bands before, Square the Circle sound like they have the same energy as Galaxy Express.

As a sampler to the talent of the band, the three songs present their style and talents perfectly. “Flip Flap” is the perfect introduction to the band because it features technical drumming that follows the guitar. It adds accents around the vocals and the guitars that play multiple different rhythms.

“Tread the Shadow” is another presentation of the same structure of “Flip Flap,” but pushes more technical guitar playing during verses. Energy in the song remains high and has a bit of a darker tone. It’s a mixture of punk, garage, and even some old British punk rock. The single that drew me in is “Bitchquito.”

This song combines elements of the first two songs together and then releases something different. Besides the amazing title, the vocals of the song are the best on the single. There’s a snarky tone in the delivery and the band continue their technical playing on the song. There’s a lot to digest when listening to the song and the high energy makes it a lot of fun to listen to multiple times.

Square the Circle have presented an impressive single. I can only hope they follow it up with an even more amazing full-length.

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