I thought that Herz Analog was a indie pop band based off the first song called “Like Tiffany.” Then when listening to other songs, It sounds like Herz Analog is much more acoustic indie favoring lighter sounds for the music.

It’s a very modern indie EP, but takes a lot of influence from older indie bands. It’s not uncommon to hear similar elements from THe ThE Band and Dear Cloud. Prelude is a very directed release with each of the songs created in a specific way to present a certain theme. Even the tracks with guest vocalists like Epitone Project and Be Sweet have a style that really fits the vocals.

It’s sad to consider Prelude to be a little flat because I can appreciate each of the songs, but there is a bit of energy lacking on some of the songs. The release contains eight songs, each one presenting a different tone. There are certain songs that are stronger than others and I think that Prelude has a time-specific sound and doesn’t fit to listen at any time of the day.

Herz Analog is great to listen at the end of the day or on a slow morning, but it doesn’t work when you’re looking for something with faster tempos or a different kind of energy.

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