The Quiett is another hip-hop artist who makes a lot of appearances on other musician’s tracks, but Back on the Beats is his second album. Since most of his guest spots are on songs that may not be his personal style, it’s nice to hear the samples and instrumentals that he uses for himself.

Tracks on the album have a much more indie style with the samples used. It’s lighter, even though the songs have a definite urban style. His verses are very smooth, flowing along with the beats and doesn’t use broken syllables when rapping. It’s possible that the age of the album is the reason the album has its distinct sound, but the backing tracks are some of my favorite for Korean hip-hop.

Like most hip-hop there are a lot of guest vocalists like Dok2, Paloalto, and Jerry K. The additional vocalists add another style that mixes with The Quiett’s personal style and it certain songs even more fun to listen to.

While Back on the Beats isn’t the most evolutionary album for hip-hop, it’s a strong album in the genre.

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