The self-titled album by Trampauline was among my first introductions to indie artists using synth to create their backing tracks and singing over it. I’d heard it a lot in the United States, but it was unknown to me in Korea.

Trampauline uses layered samples and melodies to create her songs. It’s difficult to describe her songs. On one side they sound like a children’s show soundtrack, but then on the other each song is a perfect little self-contained statement.

She knows how to create excellent songs based off the samples that are used and her voice is slightly lower though still containing a lot of melody. Each song presents a different idea connected to the theme of the album. It’s a calming album to listen to because every element is directed towards a melodic statement.

Trampauline is also sung in English so understanding the album isn’t much trouble. Every song on the album is well crafted and she was very successful in creating an excellent release.

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