The first track on Floating Ones, “The Way I Like To Picture You,” is a strictly ambient guitar and synthesized song. There are multiple layers playing on top of each other and can sound very confusing for the first minute and a half. But after that two minute mark, all the elements start to mix together.

It creates a very complex sound to listen to and can actually turn off some people because of how bizarre it can sound on the surface. But that’s the beauty of the song. The complexity and the willingness to listen through it all make the audio journey worth it.

Floating Ones is full of songs in a similar, style. They may sound like noise in the beginning, but each element serves a purpose to create a sound that mixes the melodic with non-standard sounds. Even the song “Snapshot” which carries a main melody, stops and starts segments while secondary melodies play. The ambiance of the music is incredible because it’s perfect music for so many different circumstances. My first mental image was jellyfish in water moving around to the current.

That’s what you are as a listener. You are along for the ride of the music. It does exactly what is planned and you are there to experience it. There aren’t any other musicians that I can readily think of who use the same style or song arrangement. If you can appreciate what Mimyo is doing, then that’s the greatest reward because of the sparse nature of audio.

The album isn’t electronica or synth-based rock, it’s a style that few perform and create songs for. That’s what makes Floating Ones so amazing to listen to.

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