The third album from Every Single Day picks up right after their self-titled second album. This time though, the band produces a strong first song in “My First Song.” It has the best elements of the second album pushing a stronger and more connected melodic pop rock sound that the first album was searching for.

Tom’s Diary also continues the mixture of more ballad rock and melodic rock songs. In some songs the band starts with a softer song then jumps into the chorus with an energetic sound. Later songs on the album even start bordering on a mix of pop punk and indie synth rock. Tom’s Diary could be considered a transitional album with the new elements and styles that the band placed in the music.

Songs like “Go” mix acoustic and electric guitar added with pop punk vocals and a rock beat on the drums. It has a similar progression as the first album in that the album grows with each song. Tom’s Diary has an excellent mix of styles in each of the songs. The album never gets boring because the band plays with a more cohesive sound.

Tom’s Diary from Every Single Day is one of the best follow-up albums from an indie band.

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