It feels like it’s been a long time since 10cm released their debut album, 1.0. Their acoustic style garnered a lot of fans, even outside of the indie genre and released various singles. On their second full-length, they actually emerge with a similar, but rather different style that’s a lot more enjoyable.

10cm’s first album was very polished album and the recording plus mixing gave the release a very professional sound. 2.0 sounds much more natural in the way the songs were recorded. There isn’t a focus on the “coffee shop” style of playing, where accented guitar riffs constructed a lot of the melodies for the hooks that existed in many of the songs on 1.0.

The flow of the songs on 2.0 feel like they came from experimentation and working on different melodies. Even though some of the songs are old and from the same age as 1.0, their presence on 2.0 gives them a different life. 2.0 sounds more lo-fi allowing the music to have a more organic sound. The cohesiveness of 2.0 is a lot better than 1.0 had and it’s a definite step forward. 10cm create really great songs and 2.0 present a better impression than the explosion that 1.0 carried.

It would be interesting to hear 1.0 re-recorded with a softer feel because it may sound a lot like 2.0. The duo have success with 2.0 and it’s nice to hear their musical abilities displayed more prominently.

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