As a fan of what I would consider melodic electronica, I was curious what Unisexasaurus would present on his debut EP. The first song “Sincerely” is just an introduction to the second song “Dear J.”

The style of music that Unisexasaurus plays is very much melodic electronica. The songs feature a lot of samples and different effect, but the vocals standout above the instrumentals. This creates a nice focus for each of the songs that allows Unisexasaurus to present varied styles on his songs. Some of the songs would work perfectly as simple indie pop rock songs, and many of them sound like they were created with that in mind.

Love is in the Ear definitely has a indie pop influence and at small points, there is also a chiptune tone that comes out. The lyrics are in English and a small amount of Korean and can easily be understood and vocals are very good. It’s curious to know if the vocals are heavily sampled and remixed to combine with the songs, but through the song, it fitts perfectly.

As a first release, Unisexasaurus has an impressive and amazing album. It’s curious to know what he might create in the future.

Unisexasaurus – Love is in the Ear (PV) from Namq Kang on Vimeo.

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