When Anna originally mentioned Unisexasaurus, my curiosity grew because I thought that was such a great band name.

After watching the music video and listening to the EP, I asked Namq if he would answer questions about his work as Unisexasaurus and going to school in Pasadena.

Can you introduce Unisexasaurus?

Unisexasaurus is a solo project created by Namq Kang to make music that men, women and even dinosaurs could empathize with. That’s my default introduction but I’m just another ordinary boy making music because I love doing it.

The word ‘Unisexasaurus’ is a word play in the Korean language. ‘Unisex’ in Korean is ‘Nam-nyuh-gong-yong’ and ‘Unisexasaurus (which is a word that I made up)’ is ‘Nam-nyuh-gong-ryong’. It sounds very similar and that’s why it’s awesome.

How would you describe your music?

I always have a hard time explaining my music to people. However a lot my listeners describes my music with words such as dreamy, fluffy, lovely, and warm. They also categorize my genre as indie pop, synth pop, chillwave, and electronic. I agree on some parts and don’t on the others.

But really, none of this actually matters. I just make whatever feels right at the time I’m writing a song, and most of my songs are about my thoughts and life. I feel like writing a song is my way of getting something out of my chest since I don’t talk much about myself even with the people who are close to me. I want my music to be a tool of something I could be honest to.

What are your influences in your music?

Other great artists and musicians out there are my biggest influences. I sincerely appreciate them for doing such a great thing for this world. Also I have a habit on continuously taking notes of my thoughts and things that happen around me.

I just jot them all down on my notebook and organize them during my daily walks at night. I cant live without my walks. That’s where I get most of my lyrics and melodies.

How did you get signed to MagicStrawberry Sound?

In 2011, I have been sending my demo CD’s to labels and was running out of luck. Thankfully my dearest friends Lucite Tokki told me they would talk to their label if they were interested in my music. After that, things been working out great, and I’ve eventually got signed. I always thank Lucite Tokki and my label for doing this for me. It’s more than what I deserve for sure.

What do you think of Korean indie music currently?

I’ve been seeing a lot of new artists trying new things. I think that’s great and I hope they keep doing this. Korean indie has so much opportunity to grow and therefore I have huge expectations to it.

Does going to school at Art Center College of Design influence how you create music?

It doesn’t help me at all. School has been busy more than enough and I really do not have any time to work on my music. But I hope I learn a lot about film so that I can make films that relates to my music. I am also interested in sound installation so I hope I can combine all these into one piece of art one day.

Anything to say to readers?

I’m sure not a lot of people heard about me yet but please take some time to listen to my music (most definitely if you want to hear something different from today’s Korean music). Also, thanks for reading my interview and please share the love by telling a good friend about Unisexasaurus. I’ll add some links below that might be interesting. Hello and goodbye.

I’m Unisexasaurus and love is in the ear. Rawr!

Official webpage: www.unisexasaurus.com
Personal portfolio: www.namqkang.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/unisexasaurus
Twitter: @namqkang

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/love-is-in-the-ear-ep/id564123622
Bandcamp: http://msbsound.bandcamp.com/album/love-is-in-the-ear

Unisexasaurus – Love is in the Ear (PV) from Namq Kang on Vimeo.

It’s easy to hear different influences in the music of Unisexasaurus but it’s difficult to pinpoint what they are, and it’s great that Lucite Tokki was able to help him get signed and release his music. While it isn’t known how much music Unisexasaurus will be able to release all the time, it’s great to hear how he creates his music and garners them through his life.

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