I knew of Big Phony only by vague association, but never took the chance to listen to his music. Kicking Punching Bags is his fourth album, but is still a good way to be introduced to his singer-songwriter/Americana style of acoustic music.

He sings mainly in English and has a common thread to Hee Young, though it’s interesting to hear his style remain so consistent considering he lives in South Korea. For any American, his style is very similar to Elliott Smith or even a simpler Bright Eyes. The laid back and slightly alternative country tone of his music is easy to listen to and I even heard slight Sean Lennon themes in the verses.

The 8 song album is very good, he has a consistency that makes every song a great audio experience. The sparse Korean he uses in songs actually fits during the verse and never sounds forced. If you enjoy the singer-songwriter style, Big Phony is the perfect musician for you to listen to. There’s an excellent calm and American influence in his music that isn’t common in Korean acoustic musicians.

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