I heard of Stereobay through a RT from Non on Twitter for a upcoming November show. The online info had videos from the different bands and Stereobay was one of them. Another link led me to their bandcamp and I bought the EP. Looking at the cover, I’m wondering if Stereobay was previously know as Rainway and changed their name to fit another style.

I’m not sure what A S****ful Past of Stereobay references other than a possible early experimentation in the style of the band. The first song “당신이 들었으면 하는 이야기” is a straight forward acoustic song featuring an easy rhythm and some tambourine in the background keeping the beat. The EP continues with “혼자 만난 그림자 (Acoustic Ver.)” which is funny because it reminded me of a drinking song even though it’s an acoustic song.

The third song is “봄의 노래” and the fourth is an alternate version of the same song. “봄의 노래” is the first time the full band plays electronically. The style is very indie rock infused with a little bit of blues in the guitar solo bridge of the song. Stereobay’s music is very easy to listen to and has a very honest sound. It some tiny ways, it reminds me of Oasis and some British rock of that genre.

The alternative version of “봄의 노래” adds in the piano to give the song a different tone, but still has the same overall construction. I did like listening to the EP because it’s has a simple presence of an early band that’s still finding their voice.

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