There are a lot of different genres that are unexpected for Korean bands to play. Kingston Rudieska have one of the biggest presence for bands that play ska. Playing ska requires a lot of members to cover not only the band, but the brass and possible jazz woodwind instruments that develop the sound of the style.

Kingston Rudieska’s 3rd Kind is the band’s third album, but sounds incredibly refreshing. Their interpretation of the style mixes move swing and jazz than other bands who’ve mixed more pop punk into the songs. Each song is a lot of fun to listen to and even with the slower tempos, the groove-strong songs are interesting to decipher.

The band is the best representation of ska in Korean indie music, it has the core sound of the style without adding too many other influences and even has a clean presentation. Among the songs, you will find instrumentals and songs with vocals, but it’s easy to hear every song working well as an instrumental.

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