Stereobay‘s other bandcamp EP Duck on the Wave is just a demo and not official EP, but has a full indie rock band sound as opposed to their previous EP A S****ful Past of Stereobay. Moving towards a standard rock sound, Stereobay present a recognizable style that’s still enjoyable.

“My Friend, Shadow” is the first song and already distances itself from songs on the previous EP. It’s a slower tempo song that has an even tempo with familiar rhythms heard in most rock songs. Duck on a Wave doesn’t really express anything new for the genre, but lets a band explore a new sound. “Today” has 50s surf rock elements that sit on top of the rhythm guitar and even paced percussion.

If there’s any problem, the mix of the guitars sound a little uneven with the two guitars fighting against each other to show their presence. It’s also difficult to hear any bass guitar among the recording. But the song that got me hooked on Stereobay is “Holy Stress.” It has a guitar hook that is really interesting and a lot of fun to hear. The verses of the song are like the verses in other songs, but the energy that “Holy Stress” has is above the other songs.

Duck on the Wave has 5 songs and the EP slowly increases in interest as each song passes. Stereobay have a great style and energy and I’m interested in hearing what the band has coming up next.

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