On Every Single Day‘s The Bright Side, the band once again adds another style into their abilities. While they started as a more melodic rock band on their self-titled album and then added pop punk and indie synth to Tom’s Diary; The Bright Side adds a bit of Brit pop and groove-based funk. It doesn’t get added to every song with the second track “It’s a lucky day” returning to their melodic rock roots.

It has the same core sound that the band found on Tom’s Diary, but does add a level of aggressiveness in the songs by playing at slower tempos with more power behind the vocals and instruments. The Bright Side is the natural evolution of Every Single Day because they create new songs influenced by other styles, but can still create their sound that is most familiar.

f you enjoyed the second and third album from the band, The Bright Side is the perfect end to that specific trilogy of albums. It has all the elements that make the band fun to listen to and adds more elements to each song to create stronger statements in each song.

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